Hans-Ulrich Obrist (born 1968 in Zurich, Switzerland; lives and works in London, England).

“Hans Ulrich Obrist… has curated exhibitions in the residences of Friedrich Nietszche, architects Luis Barragán, and Sir John Soane—and now [Federico García Lorca’s] summer home. Obrist organized a three-part exhibition of work by 30 artists responding to García Lorca: ‘everstill/siempretodavía,’ a title Douglas Gordon dreamt up in response to the writer’s preoccupation with time and inevitability. The first parts of the show were held in the Huerta de San Vicente and various other venues in Granada, while the final phase opened in September at the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid.”
—Jennifer Higgie, review of “everstill/siempretodavía,” Huerta de San Vincente, Granada, Frieze, October 1, 2008.

“Opened to the public in 1995 as Huerta de San Vicente, the house has played host to a series of musical, theatrical, and literary events, but Hans-Ulrich Obrist’s ‘Everstill/siempretodavía (title text and its gothic typeface care of Douglas Gordon) marks the first time the site has housed work by contemporary visual artists. Obrist introduced his project, the latest in his ongoing series of exhibitions presented in homes, as ‘a kind of laboratorium in which the house is inhabited by artists.’ Following shows in the Nietzsche House in 1992, Sir John Soane’s former residence in 1999, and the Luis Barragán House in 2003, the Huerta de San Vicente project is meant, according to its omnipresent curator, to reconnect literature to art: ‘Contemporary art has so many connections with music, with fashion, with architecture, but with literature, it’s much rarer’.”
—Lillian Davies, “House Call,” Artforum, May 27, 2008.

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