“In the Desert of Modernity: Colonial Planning and After”, 2008

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<b>“In the Desert of Modernity: Colonial Planning and After”, 2008</b>

Curators: Marion von Osten (b.1963, Berlin, Germany; lives and works in Berlin), Serhat Karakayali and Tom Avermaete in collaboration with Mogniss Abdallah, An Architektur, Wafae Belarbi, Madeleine Bernstorff, Casamémoire Casablanca, Elsa de Seynes, Jesko Fezer, Kanak Attak, Brigitta Kuster, La Scource de Lion Casablanca, Labor k3000, Andreas Müller, Remember Resistance, Peter Spillmann, Anna Voswinkel, Daniel […]

Marko Lulic, Improved Partisan Monuments, 2005

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<b>Marko Lulic, <i>Improved Partisan Monuments</i>, 2005</b>

Artist: Marko Lulic (b.1972, Vienna, Austria; lives and works in Vienna). Description: The artist remakes the partisan monuments (spomenik) of former Yugoslavia, but on a reduced scale as brightly coloured table-top sculptures. “Lulic exhibited nine small ‘Improved Partisan Monument’ sculptures based on these ubiquitous ugly landmarks, his renditions composed of deliberately shoddy materials, their measurements […]

Martin Boyce, Suspended Fall, 2005

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Martin Boyce, Suspended Fall, 2005

Artist: Martin Boyce (b. 1967 in Glasgow, Scotland; lives and works in Scotland). Materials: Powder coated steel, chain, wire and chair parts; dimensions variable. Description: “Suspended Fall 2005 is a hanging mobile with six balanced elements joined by lengths of wire and powder coated steel. Each of the elements consists of a sawn section of […]

“31º Panorama da Arte Brasileira: Mamõyguara opá mamõ pupé,” 2009

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<b>“31º Panorama da Arte Brasileira: Mamõyguara opá mamõ pupé,” 2009</b>

Curator: Adriano Pedrosa (lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil). Description: “One of the most important exhibitions in Brazil, the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art’s ‘Panorama da Arte Brasileira’ (Panorama of Brazilian Art) celebrates its 40th birthday. The controversial edition entitled ‘Mamõyguara opá mamõ pupé’ is curated by Adriano Pedrosa. Instead of exhibiting Brazilian artists […]

Falke Pisano, “Object, the Undeniable Success of Operations,” 2008

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<b>Falke Pisano, “Object, the Undeniable Success of Operations,” 2008</b>

Curator: Falke Pisano (born 1978 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; lives and works in Berlin, Germany). Description: “Monographic presentations often imply a self-reflective moment, a moment in which the artistic process of the artist is briefly frozen and can be subject to investigation. The exhibition ‘Object, The Undeniable Success of Operations’ is constructed around that fact. […]

Nairy Baghramian, Entre deux actes III (Loge des comédiennes), 2009

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<b>Nairy Baghramian, <i>Entre deux actes III (Loge des comédiennes)</i>, 2009</b>

Artist: Nairy Baghramian (born 1971 in Isfahan, Iran; lives and works in Berlin, Germany). Description: “Faced with Nairy Baghramian’s Entre deux actes II (Loge des Comédiennes) (Between two acts II, Actresses’ dressing room, 2009), one was tempted to sit down in this reproduction of a dressing room with furniture designed by Janette Laverrière. The black podium on […]

Ascan Pinckernelle, Leverkusenstrasse, 2009

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<b>Ascan Pinckernelle, <i>Leverkusenstrasse</i>, 2009</b>

Artist: Ascan Pinckernelle (born 1970 in Hamburg, Germany; lives and works in Berlin, Germany). Materials: Graphite, tempera, and oil on canvas. Description: Painting of Heinrich Müller’s Laubenganghaus building from 1930-1 in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. “The actual artistic investigation starts with photographs and sketches at various times of day, and with research into architectural history. Then a precise […]

“Altermodern,” 2009

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<b>“Altermodern,” 2009</b>

Curator: Nicolas Bourriaud (born 1965 in Niort, France; lives and works in Montpellier, France). Description: The Fourth Tate Triennial, on view at the Tate Britain, London from February 3 to April 26, 2009. “A new modernity is emerging, reconfigured to an age of globalization—understood in its economic, political and cultural aspects: an altermodern culture Increased communication, travel […]

Terence Gower, 5 Notable Pavilions, 2002-05

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<b>Terence Gower, <i>5 Notable Pavilions</i>, 2002-05</b>

Artist: Terence Gower (born 1965 in British Columbia, Canada; lives and works in New York City, USA). Materials: Digital video; 2 min; duratrans in lightbox; 81 x 155 x 15 cm; archival corrugated cardboard on platform; 240 x 240 cm. Description: “5 Notable Pavilions is a video and photo study of five 1:50 scale reproductions […]

“Painting the Glass House: Artists Revisit Modern Architecture,” 2008

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<b>“Painting the Glass House: Artists Revisit Modern Architecture,” 2008</b>

Curators: Jessica Hough (born in Pittsburgh, USA; lives and works in Los Angeles, USA) and Mónica Ramírez-Montagut (lives and works in New Orleans, USA). Description: Exhibition around modern architecture organized at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Artists included Alexander Apóstol, Daniel Arsham, Gordon Cheung, David Claerbout, Angela Dufresne, Mark Dziewulski, Christine Erhard, […]

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