Florian Pumhösl, Modernology (Triangular Atelier), 2007

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<b>Florian Pumhösl, <i>Modernology (Triangular Atelier)</i>, 2007</b>

Artist: Florian Pumhösl (born 1971 in Vienna, Austria; lives and works in Vienna). Materials: Enamel on glass, vitrine, and upholstered screen; variable dimensions. Description: “The interaction between these two concerns is especially well illustrated by Pumhösl’s expansive, room-size installation Modernology (Triangular Atelier), 2007, which was on view at Documenta 12. Based on the artist’s research into multidisciplinary exchanges among […]

Christine Hill, Do-It-Yourself Bauhaus, 2009

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<b>Christine Hill, <i>Do-It-Yourself Bauhaus</i>, 2009</b>

Artist: Christine Hill (born 1968 in Binghamton, USA; lives and works in New York City, USA and Berlin, Germany). Materials: Mixed media installation. Description: “Do-It-Yourself Bauhaus is a project by Christine Hill and Volksboutique commissioned within the exhibition Modell Bauhaus/Bauhaus: A Conceptual Model at Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin. This work is based on reviewing the core tenets […]

“Learning Modern,” 2009

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<b>“Learning Modern,” 2009</b>

Description: Group exhibition on view at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago from September 26, 2009-January 9, 2010. Featuring: BlackBox Studio research arm of SOM, Thom Faulders Berkeley, Angela Ferreira Lisbon, Portugal, Andrea Fraser, Charles Harrison, Walter Hood, Ken Isaacs, Narelle Jubelin, Carole Frances Lung, Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, Mark-Mark-and Matt Collaboration, Helen-Maria Nugent and Jan […]

Lorna Simpson, “Corridor” installation, 2003

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<b>Lorna Simpson, “Corridor” installation, 2003</b>

Artist: Lorna Simpson (born 1960 in Brooklyn, USA; lives and works in Brooklyn). Materials: Two-channel video installation, 13 min 45 sec and photograph; 27 x 72 inches. Description: Consists of a film that depicts the daily routines of two women living in two different centuries and two different worlds. Filmed in two domestic interiors in New England: the […]

Nicole Wermers, “Untitled (Chairs)” series, 2014-15

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<b>Nicole Wermers, “Untitled (Chairs)” series, 2014-15</b>

Artist: Nicole Wermers (born 1971 in Emsdetten, Germany; lives and works in London, England). Materials: Vintage fur, steel tubing, upholstery, silk, and velvet; variable dimensions. Description: “‘Untitled Chairs’ (2014-15), is a series of unique dining chair and fur coat assemblages where the individual garments are seamlessly and permanently sewn around a chair’s form creating an entirely […]

Andrea Geyer, “Asterism” series, 2016

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<b>Andrea Geyer, “Asterism” series, 2016</b>

Artist:  Andrea Geyer (born 1971 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany; lives and works in New York City, USA). Materials: Collaged archival prints; variable dimensions. Description: “The intimate collages of ‘Asterism’ combine photographs of women active at the Bauhaus in Dessau as teachers and students until 1933 with Joseph Albers Constellation drawings from the 1950s. The […]

Günther Förg, “Bauhaus Tel Aviv – Jerusalem” series, 2001

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<b>Günther Förg, “Bauhaus Tel Aviv – Jerusalem” series, 2001</b>

Artist: Günther Förg (born 1952 in Füssen, Germany; died 2013 in Freiburg, Germany). Description: “Günther Förg’s artistic oeuvre encompasses paintings, graphic and sculptural works as well as a great body of architectural photographs relating to such buildings as Villa Malaparte or House Wittgenstein. With distinct reference to these existing sequences, a new series about Bauhaus […]

Josiah McElheny, The Metal Party, 2001

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<b>Josiah McElheny, <i>The Metal Party</i>, 2001</b>

Artist: Josiah McElheny (born 1966 in Boston, USA; lives and works in New York City, USA). Description: Participatory performance organized in Brooklyn and San Francisco by the Public Art Fund and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, respectively. “Josiah McElheny’s The Metal Party is a re-creation of a party organized in 1929 by students of […]

Daria Martin, Birds, 2001

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<b>Daria Martin, <i>Birds</i>, 2001</b>

Artist: Daria Martin (born 1973 in San Francisco, USA; lives and works in London, England). Materials: 16-mm film, projection, color, and sound; 7 min 30 sec. Description: “Birds (2001) is the second in a trilogy of films. It is preceded by In the Palace (2000) and succeeded by Close-up Gallery (2003). The film follows five […]

Daria Martin, In the Palace, 2000

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<b>Daria Martin, <i>In the Palace</i>, 2000</b>

Artist: Daria Martin (born 1973 in San Francisco, USA; lives and works in London, England). Materials: 16-mm film, projection, color, and sound; 7 min. Description: “In the Palace began with a daydream to enter inside two inaccessible places, to penetrate the tinyness of [Alberto] Giacometti’s surrealist sculpture The Palace at 4am (1932) and to move […]

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