Christine Erhard, Penguin Pool, 2006

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<b>Christine Erhard, <i>Penguin Pool</i>, 2006</b>

Artist: Christine Erhard (born 1969 in Crailsheim, Germany; lives and works in Germany). Description: A photograph of Berthold Lubetkin’s Penguin Pool in London. “Christine’s primary motive in making her work is to reproduce a new reality, something that looks real but cannot actually exist, except when viewed through the camera. Trying to move away from […]

Candida Höfer, Zoological Garden London III, 1992

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<b>Candida Höfer, <i>Zoological Garden London III</i>, 1992</b>

Artist: Candida Höfer (born 1944 in Eberswalde, Germany; lives and works in Cologne, Germany). Description: A color photograph of the modernist penguin pool at the London Zoo, designed by the Georgian emigré architect Berthold Lubetkin/Tecton in 1934. “Known in the United States for her perfectly lit photographs of building interiors and archives, an expansive set of […]

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