David Claerbout, Olympia, 2016

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<b>David Claerbout, <i>Olympia</i>, 2016</b>

Artist: David Claerbout (born 1969 in Kortrijk, Belgium; lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium and Berlin, Germany). Full title: Olympia (The real time disintegration into ruins of the Berlin Olympic stadium over the course of a thousand years) Materials: Two channel real-time projection, colour, silent, HD animation, 1000 years (begun 2016) Description: “Olympia is a […]

Isaac Julien, Lina Bo Bardi: A Marvellous Entanglement, 2019

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<b>Isaac Julien, <i>Lina Bo Bardi: A Marvellous Entanglement,</i> 2019</b>

Artist Isaac Julien (b. 1960, London; lives and works in London) Materials Nine screen installation, super high definition (4k), color, 9.1 surround sound, 39’08” duration View the trailer here. Description A video installation reflecting on Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi (1914–1992) and her approach to Brazilian culture. It was filmed on location in hree of […]

Gerard and Kelly, Modern Living, 2016

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<b>Gerard and Kelly, <i>Modern Living</i>, 2016

Artist: Brennan Gerard (b.1978, Ohio) and Ryan Kelly (b.1979, Pennsylvania), live and work in Los Angeles and New York Description: Modern Living is a series of site-specific performances, videos filmed on location, drawings and performance scores. Each is set in a modernist home, and explores intimacy and domestic space within modernist architecture.The first two took […]

Igor Grubić, Monument, 2015

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<b>Igor Grubić, <i>Monument</i>, 2015</b>

Artist: Igor Grubić (born 1969, Zabreb, Croatia; lives and works in Zagreb) Materials: Video, 50 minutes Description: A video portrait of nine socialist-era monuments in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. “The work provides almost no contextual information (dates, titles, or locations) and relies on the interplay between the timeless otherworldly appearance of the structures, subdued […]

Catherine Opie, The Modernist, 2017

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<b>Catherine Opie, <i>The  Modernist</i>,  2017</b>

Artist: Catherine Opie (born 1961, Sandusky, OH; lives and works in Los Angeles). Materials: Photo series and film (21:44 mins) comprising 852 black-and-white photographs. Description: “We are uncertain about the ambiguous identity of the protagonist, who is played by Opie’s artist friend, Stosh, aka Pig Pen. At the beginning of the film, we watch him […]

Jane and Louise Wilson, Stasi City, 1997

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<b>Jane and Louise Wilson, <i>Stasi City</i>, 1997</b>

Artists: Jane and Louise Wilson (both born 1967 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England; both live and work in London, England). Materials: Four channel video installation and photo series. Description: “This four-channel video installation was shot inside the abandoned headquarters of the defunct East German secret police—unofficially called Stasi City— a few years after the reunification […]

Aki Nagasaka, Corbusier Situations, 2009

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<b>Aki Nagasaka, <i>Corbusier Situations</i>, 2009</b>

Artist: Aki Nagasaka (born 1980, Osaka, Japan; lives and works in Osaka, Japan). Materials: 25 minute video, made in collaboration with Roman Liska. Description: A 25-minute tour of Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation in Berlin. “The protagonist, [who] happened to be an inhabitant of the building and an actor, gives a guerrilla tour of the building. […]

Alexander Apostol, The Four Riders, 2007

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<b>Alexander Apostol, <i>The Four Riders</i>, 2007</b>

Artist: Alexander Apostol Description: A four minute video of the study in Gio Ponti’s Villa Planchart, Caracas (1956), showing the mechanism by which the architect found a way to conceal and reveal the owner’s collection of stuffed buffalo and gazelle heads.

Renée Green, Begin Again, Begin Again, 2015

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<b>Renée Green, <i>Begin Again, Begin Again</i>, 2015</b>

Artist: Renée Green (born 1959, Cleveland, OH, USA; lives and works in Cambridge, MA). Description: Begin Again, Begin Again is a roughly forty-five minute single channel video. It is also the title of Green’s solo exhibition at MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House,  Los Angeles. Begin Again, Begin Again “is an attempt, […]

Renée Green, Americas: Veritas, 2018

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<b>Renée Green, <i>Americas: Veritas</i>, 2018</b>

Artist: Renée Green (born 1959, Cleveland, OH, USA; lives and works in Cambridge, MA). Description: A video essay in which the artist “positions Le Corbusier’s Cambridge-situated Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts in dialogue with his Casa Curutchet, located in La Plata, Argentina, as the architect’s only two built structures in the Americas (despite Le […]

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