Sharon Lockhart, Five Dances and Nine Wall Carpets by Noa Eshkol, 2011

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<b>Sharon Lockhart, <i>Five Dances and Nine Wall Carpets by Noa Eshkol</i>, 2011</b>

Artist: Sharon Lockhart (born 1964 in Norwood, MA, USA; lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, USA). Materials: Five-channel film installation (35mm film transferred to HD); continuous loop. Description: “Since the 1990s, Lockhart has memorialized specific, quotidian moments in particular communities using film and photography. She discovered [Israeli dance composer and textile artist Noa] Eshkol’s […]

Günther Förg, “Bauhaus Tel Aviv – Jerusalem” series, 2001

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<b>Günther Förg, “Bauhaus Tel Aviv – Jerusalem” series, 2001</b>

Artist: Günther Förg (born 1952 in Füssen, Germany; died 2013 in Freiburg, Germany). Description: “Günther Förg’s artistic oeuvre encompasses paintings, graphic and sculptural works as well as a great body of architectural photographs relating to such buildings as Villa Malaparte or House Wittgenstein. With distinct reference to these existing sequences, a new series about Bauhaus […]

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