Alexander Apostol, The Four Riders, 2007

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<b>Alexander Apostol, <i>The Four Riders</i>, 2007</b>

Artist: Alexander Apostol Description: A four minute video of the study in Gio Ponti’s Villa Planchart, Caracas (1956), showing the mechanism by which the architect found a way to conceal and reveal the owner’s collection of stuffed buffalo and gazelle heads.

Rossella Biscotti, Three Performances, 2011

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<b>Rossella Biscotti, <i>Three Performances</i>, 2011</b>

Artist: Rossella Biscotti (born 1978 in Molfetta, Italy; lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands). Description: “Rossella Biscotti sets three performances in Naples. The first one at Pozzuoli, in the area of approximately 30,000 m2 of an industrial plant designed in the fifties by the Neapolitan architect Luigi Cosenza on behalf of Adriano Olivetti (1901-1960). In […]

Mauricio Lupini, Stack Chairs, 2011

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<b>Mauricio Lupini, <i>Stack Chairs</i>, 2011</b>

Artist: Mauricio Lupini (born 1963 in Caracas, Venezuela; lives and works in Rome, Italy). Materials: Upholstered Gio Ponti “Leggera” chairs. Description: “The series of works Stack chairs Caracas 1, Caracas 2 and Teheran are made with “Leggera” chairs (designed by Gio Ponti in 1951) and reupholstered with fabric impressions of 2011 newspapers from Venezuela and Iran. During the […]

Gabriel Orozco, Shade Between Rings of Air, 2003

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<b>Gabriel Orozco, <i>Shade Between Rings of Air</i>, 2003</b>

Artist: Gabriel Orozco (born 1962 in Jalapa, Mexico; lives and works in New York City, USA; Paris, France; and Mexico City, Mexico). Description: “[At the 2003 Venice Biennale Shade Between Rings of Air] was placed next to the patio of the Italian Pavilion where stood the original concrete structure, named La Pensilina. “La Pensilina, constructed by […]

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Architecture, 1997

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<b>Hiroshi Sugimoto, <i>Architecture</i>, 1997</b>

Artist: Hiroshi Sugimoto (born 1947 in Tokyo, Japan; lives and works in New York, USA and Tokyo). Documentation: Guggenheim, New York (1997);  Fagus Shoe Last Factory, Gropius (1998) Description: A photographic series of blurry shots of famous modernist architecture. “‘Sugimoto traveled around the world to photograph landmarks of modern architecture—not to document them, but to bring […]

Günther Förg, Fotografien 1982-92, 1993

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<b>Günther Förg, <i>Fotografien 1982-92</i>, 1993</b>

Artist: Günther Förg (born 1952 in Füssen, Germany; died 2013 in Freiburg, Germany). Materials: 270 pages; 23 x 28.5 cm. Description: Collection of photographs taken between 1982 and 1993 of Italian architecture built between 1920 and 1940. Architects include Giuseppe Terragni, Adalberto Libera, Matté Trucco, and Giovanni Muzio. “Forg’s photographs of Italian architecture of the […]

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