Paul Thek, Uncle Tom’s Cabin with Tower of Babel, 1976

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<b>Paul Thek, <i>Uncle Tom’s Cabin with Tower of Babel</i>, 1976</b>

Artist: Paul Thek (born 1933, Brooklyn, New York City; died 1988) Material: Sculptural installation with wooden shack, bathtub, globe, stuffed red bird. Description: A two-storey version Tatlin’s Monument houses a sculpture of a wooden shack (the eponymous Uncle Tom’s Cabin), inside of which is a bathtub, a globe, and a stuffed red bird. But as […]

David Diao, Black and White with Chair, 1984

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<b>David Diao, <i>Black and White with Chair</i>, 1984

  Top: Black and White with Chair, 1984–88 Bottom: Glissement, 1984   Artist: David Diao (born 1943 in Chengdu, China; lives and works in New York City, USA). Materials: Acrylic and silkscreen on canvas;213 x 274 cm (Black and White with Chair) Acrylic on canvas; 178 x 254 cm (Glissement) Description: “Based on a renowned […]

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Past Presence, 2019

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<b>Hiroshi Sugimoto, <i>Past Presence</i>, 2019

Artist: Hiroshi Sugimoto (born 1947 in Tokyo, Japan; lives and works in New York, USA and Tokyo) Description: “Past Presence explores the artist’s continued interest in time and history though a canon of twentieth-century masterworks […] From Brancusi, Picasso and Matisse, through Magritte, Duchamp, Mondrian, to Giacometti, Warhol and Johns, each picture depicts an object […]

Netta Yerushalmy, Paramodernities, 2013–2018

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<b>Netta Yerushalmy, <i>Paramodernities</i>, 2013–2018

Paramodernities is a six-part series of lecture-performances or dance-experiments that weaves theory and performance into a four-hour-long hybrid event. “Yerushalmy and a cast of 20 dancers and scholars, ranging in age from 20 to 68, perform deconstructed installments of Nijinsky’s Sacre (1913), Graham’s Night Journey (1947), Ailey’s Revelations (1960), a mix of Cunningham works Rainforest, Sounddance, […]

Gerard and Kelly, Modern Living, 2016

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<b>Gerard and Kelly, <i>Modern Living</i>, 2016

Artist: Brennan Gerard (b.1978, Ohio) and Ryan Kelly (b.1979, Pennsylvania), live and work in Los Angeles and New York Description: Modern Living is a series of site-specific performances, videos filmed on location, drawings and performance scores. Each is set in a modernist home, and explores intimacy and domestic space within modernist architecture.The first two took […]

James Welling, The Glass House,2006–2009

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<b>James Welling, <i>The Glass House,</i>2006–2009

Artist: James Welling (born 1951, Hartford, CT; lives and works in Los Angeles, CA) Description: A series of photographs of Philip Johnson’s Glass House, shot with colored filters. For the “Glass House” series, Welling began to use a Canon digital camera and an Epson 9800 printer. The photographs were published in 2011 by Damiani Editore. […]

James Welling, Farnsworth House (Scratched),2006

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<b>James Welling, <i>Farnsworth House (Scratched),</i>2006</b>

Artist: James Welling (born 1951, Hartford, CT; lives and works in Los Angeles, CA). Description: Chromogenic print (Fuji Crystal Archive), 13 x 10 inches, showing the Farnsworth House designed by Mies van der Rohe. “When I started working at MoMA , I was making abstract photographs. But I was looking at lots of architectural photographs […]

Jessi Reaves, The History, 2017

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<b>Jessi Reaves, <i>The History</i>, 2017</b>

Artist: Jessi Reaves (born 1986, Portland, OR; lives and works in New York). Description: Marcel Breuer chair combined with an outdoor reclining chair, bound in newspaper print fabric. For her solo show at Herald Street Gallery (London) in 2017, titled Android Stroll, Reaves presented sculptures that midcentury ergonomic furniture with bulky, heavy, impractical materials. “Reaves […]

Terry Adkins, Smoke Signal, 2013

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<b>Terry Adkins, <i>Smoke Signal</i>, 2013</b>

Artist: Terry Adkins (born 1953, Washington, D.C., died 2014) Description: Eames chair bases, concrete, leather, and ebony (69 × 483 × 76 cm) “Smoke Signal (2012) is a dialogue between two materials and processes. The tall (roughly fifteen feet) metal structure is made of stacked Eames chair skeletons set in a concrete base, with black […]

Robert Pruitt, Be of our Space World, 2009

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<b>Robert Pruitt, <i>Be of our Space World</i>, 2009</b>

Artist: Robert Pruitt (born 1975, New York; lives and works in New York) Description: Drawing in charcoal, conté crayon, mixed media, 48 x 36″ “Be of Our Space World focuses on the chiseled profile of a woman sitting at rigid attention. Her updo resembles Vladimir Tatlin’s Monument to the Third International, 1920, extending diagonally to […]