Candida Höfer, Fundação Bienal de São Paulo XI, 2005

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<b>Candida Höfer, <i> Fundação Bienal de São Paulo  XI,</i> 2005

Artist: Candida Hofer (born 1944 in Eberswalde, Germany; lives and works in Cologne, Germany). Description: C-print of the interior of Pavilhão Ciccillo Matarazzo, headquarters of the Bienal de São Paulo Foundation since 1957. From a series of photographs of the pavilion, designed by Oscar Niemeyer.  

Wouter Osterholt and Elke Uitentuis, Paraíso Ocupado, 2010

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<b>Wouter Osterholt and Elke Uitentuis, <i>Paraíso Ocupado</i>, 2010</b>

Artist: Wouter Osterholt (born 1979 in Leiden, the Netherlands) and Elke Uitenuis (born 1977 in Sneek, the Netherlands). Description: “(Portuguese for ‘Occupied Paradise’) is a reconstruction of a failed modernist plan for an urban center located in the West zone of Rio de Janeiro. This plan, designed by Oscar Niemeyer, was officially approved in 1970 […]

Terence Gower, 5 Notable Pavilions, 2002-05

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<b>Terence Gower, <i>5 Notable Pavilions</i>, 2002-05</b>

Artist: Terence Gower (born 1965 in British Columbia, Canada; lives and works in New York City, USA). Materials: Digital video; 2 min; duratrans in lightbox; 81 x 155 x 15 cm; archival corrugated cardboard on platform; 240 x 240 cm. Description: “5 Notable Pavilions is a video and photo study of five 1:50 scale reproductions […]

Armando Andrade Tudela, Espace Niemeyer (Filmstill), 2007

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<b>Armando Andrade Tudela, <i>Espace Niemeyer (Filmstill)</i>, 2007</b>

Artist: Armando Andrade Tudela (born 1975 in Lima, Peru; lives and works in Saint-Étienne, France). Materials: 16-mm film, transferred to DVD; 10 min. Description: The façade of Oscar Niemeyer’s iconic communist headquarters building in Paris partially superimposed with the light of an infrared lamp—an image of utopian reality transformed by visual abstraction.

Juan Araujo, Canoas 6, 2007

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<b>Juan Araujo, <i>Canoas 6</i>, 2007</b>

Artist: Juan Araújo (born 1971 in Caracas, Venezuela; lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal). Materials: Oil and wax on wood; 25.3 x 37. 5 cm. Description: “Since 1998 Araujo has been dedicated to artistic appropriations. He began by creating paintings which investigated the history of art by reproducing artists’ work found in books, catalogues and […]

Goshka Macuga, Mula sem Cabeca (The Headless Mule), 2006

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<b>Goshka Macuga, <i>Mula sem Cabeca (The Headless Mule)</i>, 2006</b>

Artist: Goshka Macuga (born 1967 in Poland; lives and works in London, England). Description: “Working with an architect and an engineer, Macuga built a small-scale structure inspired by the Oscar Niemeyer-designed pavilion that housed part of the biennial—a ‘condensed’ version, as she puts it. An elevated walkway led to a platform that afforded a commanding […]

Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, Marquise, 2006

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<b>Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, <i>Marquise</i>, 2006</b>

Artist: Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (born 1965 in Strasbourg, France; lives and works in Paris, France and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Materials: HD film, color, stereo, sound; 5 min. Description: “For her contribution to the 2006 São Paulo Biennial, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster used the work of Oscar Niemeyer as a starting point for an exploration of the relationship […]

Ann Lislegaard, Crystal World (after J. G. Ballard), 2006

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<b>Ann Lislegaard, <i>Crystal World (after J. G. Ballard)</i>, 2006</b>

Artist: Ann Lislegaard (born 1962 in Norway; lives and works in New York City, USA and Copenhagen, Denmark). Materials: 3D animation; no sound. Description: “Crystal World (after J. G. Ballard) is a 3-D animation about a journey to an abandoned hotel in a wilderness that is slowly crystallizing. As the animation moves through architectural spaces that […]

Angelina Gualdoni, Praça dos Tres Poderes, Noon, 2005

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<b>Angelina Gualdoni, <i>Praça dos Tres Poderes, Noon</i>, 2005</b>

Artist: Angelina Gualdoni (born 1975 in San Francisco, USA; lives and works in Brooklyn, USA). Materials: Acrylic and oil on canvas; 122 x 183 cm. Description: “Praça dos Tres Poderes is a large, imposing square at the heart of Brasilia, the political capital of Brazil. Constructed between 1956 and 1960 to a design by visionary […]

Louidgi Beltrame, Brasilia/Chandigarh, 2008

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<b>Louidgi Beltrame, <i>Brasilia/Chandigarh</i>, 2008</b>

Artist: Louidgi Beltrame (born 1971 in Marseille, France; lives and works in Paris, France). Material: Video; sound; 26 min Description: “Two architects dreamed of building the ideal city: Oscar Niemeyer created Brasilia in the middle of the Brazilian Mato (Savanna). Le Corbusier went to India to build Chandigarh. Both cities sit like futuristic, concrete mementos […]

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