Candida Höfer, Fundação Bienal de São Paulo XI, 2005

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<b>Candida Höfer, <i> Fundação Bienal de São Paulo  XI,</i> 2005

Artist: Candida Hofer (born 1944 in Eberswalde, Germany; lives and works in Cologne, Germany). Description: C-print of the interior of Pavilhão Ciccillo Matarazzo, headquarters of the Bienal de São Paulo Foundation since 1957. From a series of photographs of the pavilion, designed by Oscar Niemeyer.  

Jonathan Monk, Me up a tree similar to one painted by Piet Mondrian in 1945, 2000

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<b>Jonathan Monk, <i>Me up a tree similar to one painted by Piet Mondrian in 1945,</i> 2000</b>

Artist: Jonathan Monk (born 1969, Leicester, UK, lives and works in Berlin) Materials: C-Print, 16 x 20” / 41 x 51 cm Description:  

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Past Presence, 2019

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<b>Hiroshi Sugimoto, <i>Past Presence</i>, 2019

Artist: Hiroshi Sugimoto (born 1947 in Tokyo, Japan; lives and works in New York, USA and Tokyo) Description: “Past Presence explores the artist’s continued interest in time and history though a canon of twentieth-century masterworks […] From Brancusi, Picasso and Matisse, through Magritte, Duchamp, Mondrian, to Giacometti, Warhol and Johns, each picture depicts an object […]

James Welling, The Glass House,2006–2009

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<b>James Welling, <i>The Glass House,</i>2006–2009

Artist: James Welling (born 1951, Hartford, CT; lives and works in Los Angeles, CA) Description: A series of photographs of Philip Johnson’s Glass House, shot with colored filters. For the “Glass House” series, Welling began to use a Canon digital camera and an Epson 9800 printer. The photographs were published in 2011 by Damiani Editore. […]

James Welling, Farnsworth House (Scratched),2006

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<b>James Welling, <i>Farnsworth House (Scratched),</i>2006</b>

Artist: James Welling (born 1951, Hartford, CT; lives and works in Los Angeles, CA). Description: Chromogenic print (Fuji Crystal Archive), 13 x 10 inches, showing the Farnsworth House designed by Mies van der Rohe. “When I started working at MoMA , I was making abstract photographs. But I was looking at lots of architectural photographs […]

Annette Kelm, House on Haunted Hill II, 2005

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<b>Annette  Kelm, <i>House on Haunted Hill II</i>, 2005</b>

Artist: Annette Kelm (born 1975, Stuttgart, Germany; lives and works in Berlin). Material: C-print 80 x 100 cm. Description: Photograph of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Ennis House”. The title references a 1959 b-movie starring Vincent Price. “The grand building comes across as almost over saturated in Kelm’s photos and the upwards directed perspective implies a reverence […]

Renée Green, Secret, 1993

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<b>Renée Green, <i>Secret</i>, 1993</b>

Artist: Renée Green (born 1959, Cleveland, OH, USA; lives and works in Cambridge, MA). Description: “Comprised of a video in three parts with soundtracks in English and French, along with dozens of black-and-white photographs, Secret reflects on the artist’s experience inhabiting a semi-deserted apartment in Le Corbusier’s concrete housing block, Unité d’habitation, located in Firminy, […]

Swetlana Heger, Animal Farm, 2007

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<b>Swetlana Heger, <i>Animal Farm</i>, 2007</b>

Artist: Swetlana Heger (born 1968 in Brünn, Czech Republic; lives and works in Berlin, Germany). Description: Photographs of all the former monuments of Stalin in East Berlin melted down into animal sculptures after 1989. Black-and-white photographs in colored frames. “Starting with concrete fact, Heger quickly delves into a territory that indexes the points at which […]

Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, Alphavilles?, 2007

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<b>Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, <i>Alphavilles?</i>, 2007</b>

Artist: Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (born 1965 in Strasbourg, France; lives and works in Paris, France and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Materials: Hardcover, 180 x 240 mm; 208 pages; images 185 color. Description: “The book is a collection of images of cities and architecture gathered by the artist from all over the world and ordered alphabetically. It starts […]

Marine Hugonnier, “Un coup des dès jamais n’abolira le hasard” series, 2007

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<b>Marine Hugonnier, “Un coup des dès jamais n’abolira le hasard” series, 2007</b>

Artist: Marine Hugonnier (born 1969 in Paris, France; lives and works in London, England). Materials: 11 collages; 32,4 x 50 cm. Description: A series using different editions of Mallarmé’s Un coup de dés… (1897). Hugonnier alters the text, adding images from the internet into the intervals of the poem. Destructive, anarchic gestures, but also anachronistic: […]

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