Igor Grubić, Monument, 2015

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<b>Igor Grubić, <i>Monument</i>, 2015</b>

Artist: Igor Grubić (born 1969, Zabreb, Croatia; lives and works in Zagreb) Materials: Video, 50 minutes Description: A video portrait of nine socialist-era monuments in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. “The work provides almost no contextual information (dates, titles, or locations) and relies on the interplay between the timeless otherworldly appearance of the structures, subdued […]

David Maljkovic, Scenes for a New Heritage, 2004

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<b>David Maljkovic, <i>Scenes for a New Heritage</i>, 2004</b>

Artist: David Maljkovic (born 1973 in Rijeka, Croatia; lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia). Materials: Video (color, sound); 11:30 min. Description: Video triptych based on a socialist monument at Petrova Gora Memorial Park in the Petrova Gora mountain range outside Vojnic in Croatia. The monument is in memory of soldiers who fell in World War II. […]

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