Alexandra Pirici (born Bucharest, 1982, lives and works in Berlin) and Manuel Pelmus (born 1974, lives and works in Oslo and Bucharest)


Public Collection is a continuous performance in an exhibition context, performed by 3 or 4 dancers, that proposes the idea of an immaterial collection of modern art.

Illustrated above: installation at Kunsthalle Fridericianum, 2014 (Tatlin’s Monument to the Third International, 1919)

“The process of “rescaling” is very important in deconstructing the monumental and measuring it using the human body. It is not a man-centered step, it’s more of an intention to build another kind of aesthetics, to invest in the reality of human presence and to leave the original reference and its “aura” in the background. I consider the human body to be an intelligent material and I am interested in how it can produce an ambiguous relationship between subject and object and how it can function somewhere between subject and object.” – Alexandra Pirici in Rivista Arta

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