Caspar Stracke (born 1967 in Germany; lives and works in New York City, USA).

Color video; sound; 8 min 34 sec.

“Rong Xiang is a work on architectural replicas, piracy and its consequences. It is a comparison of Le Corbusier’s chapel Notre Dame Du Hautin Ronchamp, France with its exact replica in Zhengzhou, Henan province East China. The work further compares Le Corbusier’s human-scale informed ‘Modulor”‘concept with ancient Tao philosophy of Confucius and master builders of the Han dynasty. The Ronchamp replica in Zhengzhou is now a legend–it was short lived, erected in 1994 and demolished in 2006 after a three-year-long dispute with the ‘Foundation Le Corbusier’ in Paris.”
—”Rong Xiang,” Video Data Bank website.

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