Clara Kim (lives and works in London, U.K.).


“Condemned To Be Modern” is an exploration of the lives of buildings and an interrogation of our built environment-the structures we inherit, the cities we live in. Taking its title from the preeminent Brazilian critic Mario Pedrosa’s infamous statement about Brasília, this exhibition brings together the works of twenty-one contemporary artists who have responded critically to the history of modernist architecture in Latin America. In works produced over the past two decades, these artists explore the effects, contradictions, and contested legacies of modernism in Brazil, Cuba, and Mexico as expressed through ambitious projects for government buildings, public housing, universities, and even new cities constructed during periods of radical political and social change. In examining these buildings and their histories from a contemporary perspective, the exhibition aims to deconstruct and demystify the formation of a modern (architectural) identity while provoking consideration of the fate of architecture and its changing representation over time.

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery

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