David Maljkovic (born 1973 in Rijeka, Croatia; lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia).

Collage on photograph.

After the Fair puts in focus the Yugoslavian Pavilion at the International Vienna Fair and recalls absent images of the pavilion and the absence of an euphoric projection of a happier future which should be built after the recent historic trauma. The exhibition in its architectonically determined space of the Georg Kargl BOX cannot reconstruct these ‘events’, however it can bring up questions as a kind of an inventory making. The form from the Pavilion floats above Zagreb flea market, long lost companies on the branches, the empty shop window are just some of them from the inventory list. After the Fair confronts us with the heritage that is forgotten or not seen as a value for the present moment.”
—Press release, “David Maljkovic, After the Fair,” Georg Kargl website.

“Maljković contrast the Yugoslavian Pavilion at the International Vienna Fair in 1949 with photos of the flee market in Zagreb. The collages in which an outline of the pavilion floats above the flea market are meant as a ‘reminder of the current lack of an optimistic and progressive political project.'”
—”11th Istanbul Biennial,” Universes in Universe website.


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