2011_domenec_playground (tatlin in mexico)

Domènec (born 1962 in Mataró, Spain; lives and works in Mataró).

Sculpture in playground in Mexico City.

“Produced as part of the ‘Hand to Hand with General Cárdenas’ project by Antimuseum of Contemporary Art in Mexico DF. This replica of the Monument to the Third International designed by Russian artist Vladimir Tatlin in 1920 but never actually made, is a paradigm of utopian architecture and a symbol of the revolution that always remained unfinished. The replica is made from such materials, and in a size and colors which lend it a child-like touch, turning it into urban furniture, a children’s climbing frame.

“It was installed temporarily in the gardens of the Parque España (Condesa colony), close to the monument commemorating General Cárdenas, a revolutionary officer and President of Mexico (1934-1940). The monument was later moved and finally installed in the gardens of the Faro de Oriente cultural centre in Iztapalapa, in the impoverished outskirts of Mexico City.”
— “Playground (Tatlin en México),” website of Domenèc.

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