Falke Pisano (born 1978 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; lives and works in Berlin, Germany).

Installation of 13 copies of a novel by Yukio Mishima meant to resemble Josef Albers’s Structural Constellation: Transformation of a Scheme from 1950.

“For her part, Pisano has gone so far as to collapse the relationship between text, reference, and work entirely, creating installations of open book pages such as Object Construction Number 1, Reflective Abstraction (Mishima) (2007), in which the artist’s circling around a particular paragraph from a Yukio Mishima novel explores sculptural shape in its presentation—a set of open books as sculpture—and in the selection of severe geometric forms and sculptures pictured in the pages of some of these books.”
—Laura McLean-Ferris, “Feature: Falke Pisano,” ArtReview (2011).

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