2000_hofer_schindler house LA VII 2000

Candida Hofer (born 1944 in Eberswalde, Germany; lives and works in Cologne, Germany).

Interior views of the Schindler House. From a series of photographs of the Rudolph Schindler’s house in Los Angeles, built 1921–22.

“Surprisingly, the work evokes little to do with the psychosocial dynamics of vacant space. It’s not as much about physical emptiness as the deliberate filling of the visual frame. Höfer’s images exude balance and purity. What’s absent is not just people but intuitive feeling. The eye finds plenty to do, ample places to meander and rest, but emotions are left out in the cold [….] The clean lines of modernist architecture lend themselves especially well to Höfer’s vision. Her image of the Schindler House restates the structure’s dialogue between vertical slits of light and horizontal ceiling beams to elegant effect.”
—Leah Olman, “Keeping a Cool, Quiet Distance,” review of Candida Höfer, University Art Museum at Cal State Long Beach, Long Beach, Los Angeles Times, March 28, 2005.

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