Jill Magid (born 1973 in Bridgeport, CT, USA; lives and works in New York City, USA).

Multimedia project.

“Magid considers both Barragán’s professional and personal archives, and how the intersections of his official and private selves reveal divergent and aligned interests, as well as those of the institutions that have become the archives’ guardians.

Along with the vast majority of his architecture, Barragán’s personal archive remains in Mexico while his professional archive, including the rights to the architect’s name and work, were acquired in 1995 by Swiss furniture company Vitra, under the auspices of the newly founded Barragan Foundation. By developing long-term relationships with various personal, governmental, and corporate entities, Magid explores the intersection of the psychological with the judicial, national identity and repatriation, international property rights and copyright law, authorship and ownership.”
—”The Barragán Archives,” Jill Magid website.

“The show [explores] the implications of a corporation owning an artist’s legacy, a concern that prompts Magid to explore the boundaries of copyright law and public personhood, testing how intimate she can become with the elusive figure of Barragán.”
—Kylie Gilchrist, “Jill Magid Explores Architect’s Contested Legacy,” Art in America, November 13, 2013.

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