Leonor Antunes (born 1972 in Lisbon, Portugal; lives and works in Lisbon and Berlin, Germany).


Sculptural installation comprising six sculptures on a sisal carpet.


Installation at Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich. It is based on Antunes’s “intense engagement with Cuban furniture designer and interior designer Clara Porset (1895–1981), which began in 2007 […]  While some sculptures do strongly resemble Porset’s wicker seats and armchairs, reverence is implemented much more freely in others. The title of the exhibition can also be read in this way: In discrepancies with C. P., Antunes pays homage to her Cuban role model and provides an impressive platform for Porset’s legacy, but at the same time, Porset’s creations have lost their function as seating.” – MHK website

Three of the works are titled Charlotte, referring to another modernist designer with the initials CP, Charlotte Perriand (1903–1999). The other exhibits, Franca I, II, III and Sergio, are homages to Italian designer and architect Franca Helg (1920–1989) and the Brazilian Sergio Rodrigues (1927–2014) respectively.


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