Liz Glynn (born 1981 in Boston, MA, USA; lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, USA).

Mixed media.

“Glynn’s work uses objects and actions to explore the ambition of empire and the ‘pleasure of ruin,’ often incorporating themes of growth, possibility, and decay.

“Glynn was intrigued by the materials that resulted from early demolition work as the Harvard Art Museums renovation project began. To pay tribute to Le Corbusier, she decided to appropriate some of the materials by crafting blocks of concrete into two replicas of chairs designed by the architect. (In fact, throughout the renovation project, 98% of debris was recycled.)”
–”Recycling Our History,” Harvard Art Museum Magazine, August 14, 2014.
“Liz Glynn wrestles with empires by focusing on imagined success and the real debris left after empire’s collapse. Her ruins are both implied and actual. Earlier work included repaired classical columns, marble dust installations, while her newest relic is a Corbusier LC2 chair made from rubble from the Fogg Museum, currently under construction.”
–John Piper, Review: “Object Lessons at the Carpenter Center,” Daily Serving, February 15, 2011.

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