Nairy Baghramian (born 1971 in Isfahan, Iran; lives and works in Berlin, Germany).


La lampe dans l’horloge shows works by the French designer Janette Laverrière (1909-2011) and exhibition architecture by Baghramian, working in cooperation with Laverrière. The exhibition architecture comprises shelves with a little library arranged inside. Outside, different mirror objects of Laverrière are affixed to the walls.

“Rosewood, mahogany, and shiny lacquers are hardly materials that aspire to be mass-produced for the working class. But it is this combination of master craft and a critical political-personal edge that gives Laverrière’s objects such a strong impact and is what most likely drew the artist Nairy Baghramian to seek her out.

What resulted is the first of the 5th Berlin Biennial’s artist-curated solo shows at the Schinkel pavilion. Baghramian cleverly designed four walls that sit within the window-lined octagonal space much like Laverrière’s mirrors sit within their frames—not quite comfortably. The twelve mostly mirrored pieces from Laverrière’s recent “Evocation” series are sparsely and elegantly displayed on the inside and the outside of the structure.” —Artforum

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