Paulina Ołowska (born 1976 in Gdansk, Poland; lives and works in Rabka Zdroj and Krakow, Poland).

Mixed media installation.

Exhibition on view in the 5th Biennial for Contemporary Art, Neu National Gallery and Schinkel Pavillon in Berlin, Germany from June 13-June 29, 2008.

“For the exhibition Collaged Stryjeńska Paulina Ołowska creates a frame in which her own paintings from the series Zofia Stryjeńska provide a background for original works by Polish painter Zofia Stryjeńska. Additionally, Ołowska lines the Schinkel Pavillon with a painted floor piece, based on the design of the Polish Pavillon at the 1925 International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris, in which Stryjeńska conceived and displayed her paintings.”
—Press release, “Paulina Olowska, Zofia Stryjeńska,” Schinkel Pavillon website.

“In her efforts to bring back forgotten histories and personalities, at the 5th Berlin Biennial (2008) she presented an installation inspired by painter Zofia Stryjeńska’s work. She copied in black-and-white five of Stryjeńska’s paintings from her early period, when Stryjeńska was fascinated by Slavism and folklore, and enlarged them to monumental size. The paintings were accompanied by a selection of factory-made objects decorated with Stryjeńska’s own motifs and historic documentation about her.”
—”Paulina Ołowska,”


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