Pedro Reyes (born 1972 in Mexico City, Mexico; lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico).

Mixed media installation

“The action takes place in a library. It is a mid-century functionalistic building notable for its post-war austerity. If you look closely you may recognize some features which have been borrowed from famous architectural masterpieces of the time: the capitals of the columns are like those in Le Corbusier’s Assembly building in Chandigarh, the tables and chairs are inspired by Jean Prouvé, the signboard’s letters are similar to those created by Richard Neutra, the armchairs are also inspired by Le Corbusier, and other details are taken from Jorn Utzon. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a generic modernism that could belong to any country, like Korea, Brazil, Mexico, the U.S. or southern Europe. We wanted the plot to be able to adapt to any geographical location.

“As a symbolic site the library represents XX Century humanism; a public space for education was created. The fight to take control of the library also represents the current debate regarding the privatization of certain public services that used to be associated with the state. In general, it’s a caricature of the political-economic doctrines and models that decisions are based upon today.”
—”Baby Marx Stage Design,” Pedro Reyes website.

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