Ryan Gander (born 1976 in Chester, England; lives and works in London, England).

Custom colored LACK Ikea side tables.

“Gander created a new group of works that evoke a re-interpretation of modernism in a contemporary context. The paintings, sculptures, and installations refer, now and then in a playful manner, others to the question of authenticity, to the ideals of De Stijl and to the perception of art.

“A central piece in the exhibition is Samson’s Push, or no. VI / Composition No. II, a giant tower of piled up Ikea LACK end tables. The Lack tables, countless households have one, have the colors of Piet Mondrian’s painting No. VI / Composition No. II (1920). Gander’s new variant to the geometrical abstraction is an imaginative support for the weight of modernism.”
Press release, “Ryan Gander: Now there’s not enough of it to go around,” Annet Gelink Gallery.

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