Simon Starling (born 1967 in Epsom, England; lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark).

Starling both remade a Charles Eames Aluminum Group chair from the metal of a Marin Sausalito bicycle, and then made a Sausalito bicycle out of an Eames chair.

Work, Made-ready, Kunsthalle Bern 1997 inverts the notion of the readymade in a simple but labor-intensive act of transmutation. Two aluminum objects were reconstructed using the metal from the other. What resulted were two handcrafted, degraded, mutations of their former manufactured selves, scarred from their genetic transfer and separated by a sheet of glass that supported a recto/verso text, a recipe for the work.”
—Simon Starling, “Replication: Some Thoughts, Some Works,” Tate Papers (Autumn 2007): 1.

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