Toby Paterson (born 1974 in Glasgow, Scotland; lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland).

Mixed media.

Exhibition at the Durham Art Gallery, December 1-March 3, 2013.

An Experiment in Total Environment examines the fascinating yet flawed legacy of a uniquely daring piece of post-war urban design. It looks at Peterlee beyond the Apollo Pavilion by collecting a carefully selected group of [Victor] Pasmore’s works from the period when he was actively designing the town and displaying them alongside an expansive installation of new work by Glasgow-based artist Toby Paterson.

The exhibition encourages a fresh view of this unique environment, considering it as a mature landscape with innate visual and spatial interest that has endured economic difficulties and neglect. Whereas the abstract imagery of Pasmore’s work parallels the development of his design philosophy, Paterson takes a subjective position on the results and explores present day Peterlee, finding architectural value in a town ripe for reappraisal.”
–”An Experiment in Total Environment: Toby Paterson and Victor Pasmore,” Apollo Pavilion website.

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