Werner Feiersinger (born 1966 in Brixlegg, Austria; lives and works in Vienna, Austria).

C-prints; variable dimensions.

Series of photographs of projects by Le Corbusier.

“The precision with which Feiersinger executes his works is matched by the scope of his… engagement with a given architectural or artistic canon. These are taken mostly from modernism, ranging from architects like Le Corbusier, who helped to define the canon, through Erich Mendelsohn, whose expressive style subverted the orthodox rules, and on to artists who left their mark on Minimalism: Donald Judd, who focused on mastering the material, but more especially Tony Smith with his anthropomorphic references and Anne Truitt with her associative links, both of whom worked, strictly speaking, against the canon.”
—Museum label for Werner Feiersinger, Vienna, Wiener Secession, 2008.

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