Chto Delat, Untitled (Tatlin’s Tower), 2013

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<b>Chto Delat, <i>Untitled (Tatlin’s Tower)</i>, 2013</b>

Artist: Chto Delat [What Is to Be Done?] [Tsaplya Olga Egorova, Nina Gasteva, Artiom Magun, Nikolay Oleynikov, Natalia Pershina/Glucklya, Alexey Penzin, David Riff, Alexander Skidan, Oxana Timofeeva, Dmitry Vilensky] (collective founded in 2003 in St. Petersburg, Russia). Materials: Description: “The quotation [of Tatlin’s Monument] created by Chto Delat, a Russian collective of artists, critics, and philosophers, […]

Jane and Louise Wilson, Stasi City, 1997

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<b>Jane and Louise Wilson, <i>Stasi City</i>, 1997</b>

Artists: Jane and Louise Wilson (both born 1967 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England; both live and work in London, England). Materials: Four channel video installation and photo series. Description: “This four-channel video installation was shot inside the abandoned headquarters of the defunct East German secret police—unofficially called Stasi City— a few years after the reunification […]

Katarina Burin, HOTEL NORD-SUD 1932-34: Design and Correspondence, 2013

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<b>Katarina Burin, <i> HOTEL NORD-SUD 1932-34: Design and Correspondence</i>, 2013</b>

Artist: Katarina Burin (born Bratislava, Slovakia; lives and works in Cambridge, MA, USA). Description: “This exhibition presents a body of work attributed to the Czechoslovakian architect Petra Andrejova-Molnár, an overlooked (in fact, fictional) figure active in Eastern and Central Europe during the first half of the twentieth century. The exhibition presents a diverse range of […]

Marko Lulic, Hard and Soft, 2002

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<b>Marko Lulic, <i>Hard and Soft</i>, 2002</b>

Artist: Marko Lulic (born 1972, Vienna, Austria; lives and works in Vienna). Description: An exhibition reconstructing parts of Hotel Haludovo, built by the modernist architect Boris Magas on the island of Krk, Croatia, in the 1970s. “For the show ‘Durch weichen Beton‘ (Through Soft Concrete) at the Grazer Kunstverein in 2002 Lulic rebuilt life-size models […]

Marko Lulic, Improved Partisan Monuments, 2005

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<b>Marko Lulic, <i>Improved Partisan Monuments</i>, 2005</b>

Artist: Marko Lulic (b.1972, Vienna, Austria; lives and works in Vienna). Description: The artist remakes the partisan monuments (spomenik) of former Yugoslavia, but on a reduced scale as brightly coloured table-top sculptures. “Lulic exhibited nine small ‘Improved Partisan Monument’ sculptures based on these ubiquitous ugly landmarks, his renditions composed of deliberately shoddy materials, their measurements […]

Andreas Fogarasi, Kultur und Freizeit, 2007

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<b>Andreas Fogarasi, <i>Kultur und Freizeit</i>, 2007</b>

Artist: Andreas Fogarasi (born 1977 in Vienna, Austria; lives and works in Vienna). Description: “From June to November 2007 the Hungarian Pavilion of the 52nd Venice Biennale showcases Andreas Fogarasi’s project Kultur und Freizeit (Culture and Leisure) curated by Katalin Timar. The project focuses on cultural peripheries and the separation of the locations of popular […]

Paulina Ołowska, Alphabet, 2005/12

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<b>Paulina Ołowska, <i>Alphabet</i>, 2005/12</b>

Artist: Paulina Ołowska (born 1976 in Gdansk, Poland; lives and works in Rabka Zdroj and Krakow, Poland). Description: “The performance Alphabet, by Paulina Ołowksa, is inspired by Czech designer Karel Teige’s typographic book ABECEDA (which was published in Prague in 1926…). Referring to the poetics of typography and Eastern European avant-garde tradition, the work involves […]

Tobias Putrih, When Language Goes on Holiday, 2011

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<b>Tobias Putrih, <i>When Language Goes on Holiday</i>, 2011</b>

Artist: Tobias Putrih (born 1972 in Kranj, Slovenia; lives and works in Cambridge, USA and Ljubljana, Slovenia). Description: Solo exhibition at Meulensteen Gallery, New York, on view from May 1, 2011 to June 25, 2011. “Rooted in the ideals of high modernism, Putrih’s intricate structures conjure notions of the sublime but infuse them with a […]

David Maljkovic, Retired Form, 2008

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<b>David Maljkovic, <i>Retired Form</i>, 2008</b>

Artist: David Maljkovic (born 1973 in Rijeka, Croatia; lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia). Materials: 16mm color film, sound; 5 min 33 sec structure from steel profiles and plasterboards. Description: “Retired Form was shot in Memorial Park for the victims of WW2 Dotrscina in Zagreb around a monument by artist Vojin Bakic inaugurated in 1968. This […]

David Maljkovic, Images With Their Own Shadows, 2008

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<b>David Maljkovic, <i>Images With Their Own Shadows</i>, 2008</b>

  Artist: David Maljkovic (born 1973 in Rijeka, Croatia; lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia). Materials: 16mm color film, sound; 6 min 16 sec; structure from steel profiles and plasterboards. Description: “Images With Their Own Shadows was shot at the museum/estate of EXAT-51 founding member Vjenceslav Richter and uses audio from a final interview with the artist […]

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