Paulina Ołowska, Collaged Stryjeńska, 2008

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<b>Paulina Ołowska, <i>Collaged Stryjeńska</i>, 2008</b>

Artist: Paulina Ołowska (born 1976 in Gdansk, Poland; lives and works in Rabka Zdroj and Krakow, Poland). Materials: Mixed media installation. Description: Exhibition on view in the 5th Biennial for Contemporary Art, Neu National Gallery and Schinkel Pavillon in Berlin, Germany from June 13-June 29, 2008. “For the exhibition Collaged Stryjeńska Paulina Ołowska creates a […]

David Maljkovic, After the Fair, 2009

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<b>David Maljkovic, <i>After the Fair</i>, 2009</b>

Artist: David Maljkovic (born 1973 in Rijeka, Croatia; lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia). Materials: Collage on photograph. Description: “After the Fair puts in focus the Yugoslavian Pavilion at the International Vienna Fair and recalls absent images of the pavilion and the absence of an euphoric projection of a happier future which should be built […]

Museum of American Art, Berlin, Kabinett der Abstrakten (Original and Facsimile), 2010

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<b>Museum of American Art, Berlin, <i>Kabinett der Abstrakten (Original and Facsimile)</i>, 2010</b>

Artist: Museum of American Art, Berlin (founded 2004 in Berlin, Germany). Description: “The history of MoMA stands at the center of the Museum of American Art’s research, which is consolidated in different collections at various venues. One collection, for instance, presents one of Dorner’s most famous Bauhaus-Constructivist experiments, El Lissitzky’s Abstract Cabinet (1927–28), as one […]

David Maljkovic, Scenes for a New Heritage, 2004

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<b>David Maljkovic, <i>Scenes for a New Heritage</i>, 2004</b>

Artist: David Maljkovic (born 1973 in Rijeka, Croatia; lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia). Materials: Video (color, sound); 11:30 min. Description: Video triptych based on a socialist monument at Petrova Gora Memorial Park in the Petrova Gora mountain range outside Vojnic in Croatia. The monument is in memory of soldiers who fell in World War II. […]

Lucy McKenzie and Paulina Olowska, Nova Popularna, 2004

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<b>Lucy McKenzie and Paulina Olowska, <i>Nova Popularna</i>, 2004</b>

Artist: Lucy McKenzie (born 1977 in Glasgow, Scotland; lives and works in Brussels, Belgium) and Paulina Olowska (born 1976 in Gdansk, Poland; lives and works in Rabka Zdroj and Krakow, Poland). Description: “In May 2003 McKenzie and Olowska temporarily ran an underground bar called Nova Popularna in Warsaw, Poland, and held concerts and performances there […]

Tobias Putrih, QR Reshaping, 2003

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<b>Tobias Putrih, <i>QR Reshaping</i>, 2003</b>

Artist: Tobias Putrih (born 1972 in Kranj, Slovenia; lives and works in Cambridge, USA and Ljubljana, Slovenia). Materials: C-print. Description: “Fuller’s proposal is presented as black and white image of the lake surrounded by mountains covered by snow. Among the clouds above the mountains there are two spheres drawn with a mathematical preciseness. The text […]

Dominik Lang, Sleeping City, 2011

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<b>Dominik Lang, <i>Sleeping City</i>, 2011</b>

Artist: Dominik Lang (born 1980, Prague, Czech Republic; lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic). Materials: Mixed media. Description: “The Sleeping City links two different scuptural approaches with various historical contexts against the background of an intimate family relationship. The presentation connects the works of two authors linked by a personal association, father and son, […]

Anatoly Osmolovsky, A Voyage of Netsezudik to Brobdingnag (Mayakovsky—Osmolovsky), 1993/2011

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<b>Anatoly Osmolovsky, <i>A Voyage of Netsezudik to Brobdingnag (Mayakovsky—Osmolovsky)</i>, 1993/2011</b>

Artist: Anatoly Osmolovsky (born 1969 in Moscow, USSR; lives and works in Moscow). Description: “Osmolovsky’s A Voyage of Netsezudik to Brobdingnag (Mayakovsky-Osmolovsky) (1993/2011) is photo documentation of a performance in which Osmolovsky perched on the shoulder of a monument of Futurist poet and radical Vladimir Mayakovsky. Although Osmolovsky’s gesture could be read an attempt to […]

Chto Delat, Study, Study and Act Again, 2011-14

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<b>Chto Delat, <i>Study, Study and Act Again</i>, 2011-14</b>

Artist: Chto Delat [What Is to Be Done?] [Tsaplya Olga Egorova, Nina Gasteva, Artiom Magun, Nikolay Oleynikov, Natalia Pershina/Glucklya, Alexey Penzin, David Riff, Alexander Skidan, Oxana Timofeeva, Dmitry Vilensky] (collective founded in 2003 in St. Petersburg, Russia). Materials: Mixed-media installation. Description: 2013 installation at Tate Liverpool in the exhibition “Art Turning Left.” First presented in at […]

Deimantas Narkevičius, Scena, 2003

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<b>Deimantas Narkevičius, <i>Scena</i>, 2003</b>

Artist: Deimantas Narkevičius (born 1964 in Utena, Lithuania; lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania). Materials: Super 8 mm film transferred to video, color, sound; 9 minutes 30 seconds. Description: “The film Scena (2003), which was inspired by the modernist architecture of the Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius, [highlights] the discrepancy between form and function: the building […]

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