Xavier Delory, Pilgrimage Along Modernity, 2014–19

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<b>Xavier Delory, <i>Pilgrimage Along Modernity<i>, 2014–19

Artist: Xavier Delory (b. 1973, Liege, Belgium; lives and works in Brussels) Description: A series of digital photomontages showing buildings by Le Corbusier in a state of dereliction and ruin. The images above are Pilgrimage (2014), an image of the Villa Savoye, and The End of Modernity (2015), showing the chapel at Notre-Dame-du-Haut, Ronchamp. Other […]

Kader Attia, Untitled (Ghardaïa), 2009

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<b>Kader Attia, <i>Untitled (Ghardaïa),</i> 2009</b>

Artist: Kader Attia (born 1970 in Dugny, France; lives and works in Paris and Berlin). Materials: Cooked couscous on wooden table and digital prints on paper. Description: “Untitled (Ghardaïa) 2009 is a scale model of the ancient city Ghardaïa in the M’zab Valley in Algeria. The model is made from cooked couscous, a staple food […]

Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen, Total Transformation, 2019

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<b> Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen, <i>Total Transformation,</i> 2019</b>

Artist Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen (b. 1977, Aeroe, Denmark; lives and works in Copenhagen). Materials Exhibition at Galleri Møller Witt, Copenhagen. Paintings, oil on canvas, various sizes. Above: installation view; Deserting Desert Land (2019), 146 x 231 cm; Total Work of Art (2019), 140 x 184 cm; Mood Machine (2018). Description An exhibition of paintings depicting modernist […]

Gerard and Kelly, Modern Living, 2016

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<b>Gerard and Kelly, <i>Modern Living</i>, 2016

Artist: Brennan Gerard (b.1978, Ohio) and Ryan Kelly (b.1979, Pennsylvania), live and work in Los Angeles and New York Description: Modern Living is a series of site-specific performances, videos filmed on location, drawings and performance scores. Each is set in a modernist home, and explores intimacy and domestic space within modernist architecture.The first two took […]

Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen, Flooded Modernity, 2018

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<b>Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen, <i>Flooded Modernity</i>, 2018</b>

Artist: Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen (b. 1977, Aeroe, Denmark; lives and works in Copenhagen). Description: A faithful 1:1 mock-up of a corner of Le Corbusier’s 1927 Villa Savoye, submerged in Vejle Fjord. Conceived for the Floating Art Festival, Vejle Art Museum, Denmark. “Havsteen-Mikkelsen’s appropriation of the Villa Savoye alights with the sunken dreams of Le Corbusier and […]

Aki Nagasaka, Corbusier Situations, 2009

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<b>Aki Nagasaka, <i>Corbusier Situations</i>, 2009</b>

Artist: Aki Nagasaka (born 1980, Osaka, Japan; lives and works in Osaka, Japan). Materials: 25 minute video, made in collaboration with Roman Liska. Description: A 25-minute tour of Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation in Berlin. “The protagonist, [who] happened to be an inhabitant of the building and an actor, gives a guerrilla tour of the building. […]

Renée Green, Americas: Veritas, 2018

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<b>Renée Green, <i>Americas: Veritas</i>, 2018</b>

Artist: Renée Green (born 1959, Cleveland, OH, USA; lives and works in Cambridge, MA). Description: A video essay in which the artist “positions Le Corbusier’s Cambridge-situated Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts in dialogue with his Casa Curutchet, located in La Plata, Argentina, as the architect’s only two built structures in the Americas (despite Le […]

Renée Green, Secret, 1993

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<b>Renée Green, <i>Secret</i>, 1993</b>

Artist: Renée Green (born 1959, Cleveland, OH, USA; lives and works in Cambridge, MA). Description: “Comprised of a video in three parts with soundtracks in English and French, along with dozens of black-and-white photographs, Secret reflects on the artist’s experience inhabiting a semi-deserted apartment in Le Corbusier’s concrete housing block, Unité d’habitation, located in Firminy, […]

“The Way We Live Now, Modernist Ideologies at Work”, 2015

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“The Way We Live Now, Modernist Ideologies at Work”, 2015

Curator: James Voorhies (lives and works in U.S.) Description: Modern architecture had high aspirations—no less than a radical change in the structure of society, or so was the hope of modernist architects. Figures such as Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, and Adolf Loos pursued ideals of progress, rationality, and purity in their architecture, design, […]

Werner Feiersinger, “Untitled” series, 2007, 2013″

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<b>Werner Feiersinger, “Untitled” series, 2007, 2013″</b>

Artist: Werner Feiersinger (born 1966 in Brixlegg, Austria; lives and works in Vienna, Austria). Materials: C-prints; variable dimensions. Description: Series of photographs of projects by Le Corbusier. “The precision with which Feiersinger executes his works is matched by the scope of his… engagement with a given architectural or artistic canon. These are taken mostly from […]