Dorit Margreiter, Original Condition, 2006

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<b>Dorit Margreiter, <i>Original Condition</i>, 2006</b>

Artist: Dorit Margreiter (born 1967 in Vienna, Austria; lives and works in Vienna, Austria). Materials: Newspaper clippings on cardboard in 12 parts. Description: “Original Condition, of which Margreiter made three series in 2006, comprises small-format real estate advertisements for family homes and mansions designed by renowned male architects, among them Victor Gruen, Frank Lloyd Wright, […]

Xavier Veilhan, “Architectones,” 2012-14

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<b>Xavier Veilhan, “Architectones,” 2012-14</b>

Artist: Xavier Veilhan (born 1963 in Lyon, France; lives and works in Paris, France). Materials: Mixed media installation. Description: “The site-specific exhibition follows installments at two icons of French concrete culture, Le Corbusier’s Unité d’ Habitation and the L’église Sainte-Bernadette du Banlay by Claude Parent and Paul Virilio, as well as Konstantin Melnikov’s seminal but […]

Pedro Reyes, Baby Marx Stage Design, 2009

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<b>Pedro Reyes, <i>Baby Marx Stage Design</i>, 2009</b>

Artist: Pedro Reyes (born 1972 in Mexico City, Mexico; lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico). Materials: Mixed media installation Description: “The action takes place in a library. It is a mid-century functionalistic building notable for its post-war austerity. If you look closely you may recognize some features which have been borrowed from famous architectural […]

Julião Sarmento, “Silver Lake” series, 2010-11

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<b>Julião Sarmento, “Silver Lake” series, 2010-11</b>

Artist: Julião Sarmento (born 1948 in Lisbon, Portugal; lives and works in Estoril, Portugal). Materials: Polyvinyl acetate, pigments, acrylic, acrylic gesso, ink, graphite, and silkscreen print on unprimed cotton canvas. Description: “In a new series of collages passages of Wittengstein’s notoriously fragmented philosophical notes on color appear taped to the surfaces flanked by silkscreened images […]

Sam Durant, Abandoned Houses #1 – #6, 1994-95

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<b>Sam Durant, <i>Abandoned Houses #1 – #6</i>, 1994-95</b>

Artist: Sam Durant (born 1961 in Seattle, USA; lives and works in Los Angeles, USA). Materials: Foam core, cardboard, Plexiglass, tape, spray enamel, wood, and metal; various sizes. Documentation: Seen above: Abandoned House #4, 64.8 x 104.14 x 11.43 cm. Description: An installation from 1996 for Roger Merians Gallery in New York. Consisted of six sculptures […]

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