Leonor Antunes, discrepancies with C. P., 2019

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<b>Leonor Antunes, <i>discrepancies with C. P.</i>, 2019<b />

Artist: Leonor Antunes (born 1972 in Lisbon, Portugal; lives and works in Lisbon and Berlin, Germany). Material: Sculptural installation comprising six sculptures on a sisal carpet. Description: Installation at Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich. It is based on Antunes’s “intense engagement with Cuban furniture designer and interior designer Clara Porset (1895–1981), which began in 2007 […]  […]

Chto Delat, Untitled (Tatlin’s Tower), 2013

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<b>Chto Delat, <i>Untitled (Tatlin’s Tower)</i>, 2013</b>

Artist: Chto Delat [What Is to Be Done?] [Tsaplya Olga Egorova, Nina Gasteva, Artiom Magun, Nikolay Oleynikov, Natalia Pershina/Glucklya, Alexey Penzin, David Riff, Alexander Skidan, Oxana Timofeeva, Dmitry Vilensky] (collective founded in 2003 in St. Petersburg, Russia). Materials: Description: “The quotation [of Tatlin’s Monument] created by Chto Delat, a Russian collective of artists, critics, and philosophers, […]

Kader Attia, Untitled (Ghardaïa), 2009

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<b>Kader Attia, <i>Untitled (Ghardaïa),</i> 2009</b>

Artist: Kader Attia (born 1970 in Dugny, France; lives and works in Paris and Berlin). Materials: Cooked couscous on wooden table and digital prints on paper. Description: “Untitled (Ghardaïa) 2009 is a scale model of the ancient city Ghardaïa in the M’zab Valley in Algeria. The model is made from cooked couscous, a staple food […]

Michel Aubry, Rietveld Chairs, 1998

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<b>Michel Aubry, <i>Rietveld Chairs</i>, 1998</b>

     Top image: Mise en musique de la chaise rouge et bleue de Gerrit Rietveld 1918-1998, 1998 Bottom image: Mise en musique de la chaise droite de Gerrit Rietveld 1924-2000, 2000 Artist: Michel Aubry (born 1959 in Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët, France; lives and works in Paris, France). Materials: Wooden slats and reeds. Description: Versions of Rietveld […]

Ângela Ferreira, Talk Tower for Forough Farrokhzad, 2020

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<b>Ângela Ferreira, <i>Talk Tower for Forough Farrokhzad</i>, 2020

Artist: Ângela Ferreira (born 1958, Maputo, Mozambique; lives and works in Lisbon). Description: Sculpture in PVC, iron, aluminium, electric installation, amplifier and megaphones; 285 x 175 x 105 cm 12 drawings: Graphite on fabriano paper; print; 21 x 29 cm Sound: Forough Farrokhzad – Tavalodi Digar; 4:17; loop “Talk Tower for Forough Farrokhzad (2020) was designed […]

Ian Kiaer, Melnikov Project, 2011

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<b>Ian Kiaer, <i>Melnikov Project</i>, 2011</b>

Artist: Ian Kiaer (born 1971, London, lives and works in London) Description: Installation of paintings and sculpture. One sculpture is a model of Melnikov’s Cylindrical House Studio (1929), an architectural design for a house in which Melnikov lived and worked. “Kiaer’s exhibition at the Aspen Art Museum, his first one-person presentation in the United States, […]

Ian Kiaer, Endless House, 2013

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<b>Ian Kiaer, <i>Endless House</i>, 2013</b>

Artist: Ian Kiaer (born 1971, London, lives and works in London) Description: A solo exhibition at International Centre for Art and Landscape at Vassivière Island (CIAP) in 2013 that presented Kiaer’s ongoing research project ‘Endless House’, a reference to the Austrian architect and designer Frederick Kiesler. “Kiesler’s proposal for a single-unit family dwelling remained unbuilt […]

Jonathan Monk, Eleven White Boetti Spines, 2020

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<b>Jonathan Monk, <i>Eleven White Boetti Spines, </i> 2020 </b>

Artist: Jonathan Monk (born 1969, Leicester, UK, lives and works in Berlin) Materials: Wood, gesso, white paint. Description: “Jonathan Monk has a large library and it is full of monographs and artist’s books from the 20th century. Following the Book Stacks from 2018, Jonathan Monk has picked eleven books about and by Alighiero e Boetti […]

Jessi Reaves, The History, 2017

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<b>Jessi Reaves, <i>The History</i>, 2017</b>

Artist: Jessi Reaves (born 1986, Portland, OR; lives and works in New York). Description: Marcel Breuer chair combined with an outdoor reclining chair, bound in newspaper print fabric. For her solo show at Herald Street Gallery (London) in 2017, titled Android Stroll, Reaves presented sculptures that midcentury ergonomic furniture with bulky, heavy, impractical materials. “Reaves […]

Terry Adkins, Smoke Signal, 2013

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<b>Terry Adkins, <i>Smoke Signal</i>, 2013</b>

Artist: Terry Adkins (born 1953, Washington, D.C., died 2014) Description: Eames chair bases, concrete, leather, and ebony (69 × 483 × 76 cm) “Smoke Signal (2012) is a dialogue between two materials and processes. The tall (roughly fifteen feet) metal structure is made of stacked Eames chair skeletons set in a concrete base, with black […]