Alex Hartley (born 1963 in West Byfleet, England; lives and works in London, England and Devon, England).

A photograph of Pierre Koenig’s Bailey House as taken from the foliage surrounding the structure.

“Alex Hartley investigates modern architecture and the ways in which it is conceived and presented. The artist challenges preconceptions by subverting the traditional style of encounter with buildings. This method is perhaps best represented by his photographs of modernist houses in [Southern] California. In stark contrast to Julius Shulman’s widely-published works, which immortalised many of the most important residential buildings in the region, Hartley’s images look at the same seminal designs altogether more illicitly. It is unclear whether he is an explorer, discovering buildings that have become lost in time, or a voyeuristic intruder lurking in the undergrowth.”
—Elias Redstone, “Shooting Space 3: Decay; The Work of Alex Hartley,” Uncube, September 30, 2014.

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