Pierre Bismuth (born 1963 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France; lives and works in Brussels, Belgium).

Wood, cardboard wood, and paint; Ink on polyacetate.

“Pierre Bismuth performs the impossible synthesis between the two faces of Le Corbusier: from the villas blanches to housing projects, with a sense of humor and economy of means that are his trademark. He superposes, in a small scale model, section views and computer generated images (Complexes des villas / Bâtiment Le Corbusier, 2006-2010), several Villas Savoye, to create a building that the Swiss architect might not have rejected—let alone the destiny of neglected social housing and the carcass of torched cars in front.”
—Bugada Cargnel website.

“An extension of the artist willing intention to collapse time, Bismuth’s homage to the founder of architectural Modernism bridges past and present, retrospectively contributing to a period now consigned to historical reference. Marrying Le Courbusier’s Villa Savoye with the designer’s housing projects in one unified concept, Bismuth cheekily adapts the history of architectural principles to achieve a design that enhances the work of Le Corbusier himself.”
—”Pierre Bismuth,” Artsy.

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