clegg gutmann_music library with recording space_1993

Clegg & Guttmann [Michael Clegg and Martin Guttmann] (duo founded 1980 in New York; live and work in New York, USA; Berlin, Germany; and Vienna, Austria).

Wooden shelf, 69 audio tapes, tape recorder, seven color photographs; 238.99 x 134.01 x 67.01 cm.

A scale model of the Unité d’habitation at Firminy with compilation cassette tapes made by residents placed in the slot that corresponds to where they live in the building. Included in the exhibition “Project Unité,” 1993.

“Their work often focuses on the public’s interaction with their pieces, and how this transforms traditionally formal institutions such as art galleries and libraries. People are invited to make use of their works, touch them, move them, strap themselves to them or… draw on them.”
—”Clegg & Guttmann,” Peckham Platform.

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