Veronika Kellndorfer (born 1962 in Munich, Germany; lives and works in Berlin, Germany).

Single panel silk-screen print on glass

“First through painting and then through photography, Kellndorfer has introduced a body of work whose focuses on the ephemeral nature of architecture and space. Her new body of work, featured in the main gallery space, focuses on Californian modern architectural landmarks of Frank Lloyd Wright, John Lautner, Pierre Koenig, and Rudolf Schindler. Her work re-examines the physical and social construction of space through her distinct technique of silk-screening photographic images onto large glass panels.”
—Press release, “Private Utopia,” Christopher Grimes Gallery website.

“Kellndorfer’s work focuses on forgotten or overlooked details—a patch of overgrown foliage or a hazy windowpane. In a pair of blue-toned works, Lautner and Silver Lake, Lautner 2, the same corner where two windows meet is seen from slightly different perspectives and seemingly at different times of day, drawing our attention to the play of light and the passage of time rather than to an iconic facade.”
—Annie Buckley, “Veronika Kellndorfer,” Art in America, February 5, 2010.

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